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Show Services – Ready, Set, Show!

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Exhibitor Manual

Stay tuned for the 2019 Exhibitor Manual – will be available in January.

Exhibitor Move-in Schedule

Available Summer 2019.

Exhibitor Liability Insurance Required– Are You Covered? 

You are required to carry a minimum of $2,000,000 Liability Insurance for Trade Shows.  Contact your insurance broker or HUB International (information below) – Be sure that that BC Landscape & Nursery Association is named on your policy as an additional insured. Please email a copy to [email protected].  Order by September 13 

Forms for Show Services

CanWest Marketing Forms

The following will be available soon!

  • CanWest 2019 Sponsorship Opportunities
  • New Product Showcase
  • Greenhouse Demo Zone Product Information Form
  • Container Competition

Electrical/Lighting/Plumbing/Sign & Banner Hanging/Internet Access Services

Global Convention Services Ltd. Rental Kit Order by: TBA.  Email completed forms to [email protected]

Booth Vacuum/RV Overnight Parking/Balloon Waiver 
Tradex Forms 

  • Special Note About Balloons
    Due to being located on airport property and the potential for interference with local air traffic, Tradex does not permit the handing out of air or helium filled balloons. Exceptions are made to allow exhibitors to display their balloons with their booth area. For details, please see the ‘Balloon Waiver’ form found under ‘Services Offered at Tradex’.

Email completed forms to [email protected]

Levy Show Services – Booth Furnishings

CanWest Hort Expo Order Forms for LEVY Show Services: Will be available March 2019
Order from Levy Show Services online here: Will be available March 2019
Show Code for Online Access: TBA

Shipping & Brokerage

You can ship with any company as long as they abide by the ‘move-in’ schedule. Booth material may not be shipped to Tradex in advance as there are no shipping /receiving services or warehouse space. Your material must be delivered on move in day, Sept 24, at your specified move-in time.  Levy Show Services has an advance warehouse facility and will deliver your booth material to your booth space at your specified move-in time. Please contact them for a quote.
If you are shipping from the US, please include the CBSA ‘Letter of Recognition (updated letter will be available by March 2019) when travelling and include with your shipping documents. This is a ‘Customs’ letter for US exhibitors providing ‘Border to Show Privileges’; this will expedite your entry into Canada.

Attendee Data Collection System

Manage your contacts with ease! Check out Conexsys’ bar-coded lead retrieval systemalong with their new Smart Phone App. Will be available March 2019