Urban Foresters Symposium

Full Day Session

The Urban Foresters Symposium features Guy Meilleur, from Historic Tree Care, and Dr. Julian Dunster, from Dunster and Associates Environmental. This is a full day program and includes lunch and a trade show badge. Opt for our Symposium + package and receive a One-Day All Access Pass starting at $60 for any 3-general sessions on Thursday, Sept 28th.

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Date: 8:30am, Wednesday September 27, 2017

End Date: 3:00pm, Wednesday September 27, 2017


  • Restoration Pruning After the Storm
  • Managing Aging Trees
  • Tree Risk Assessment for PNW Tree Disease


Member Early Bird: $200

Non Member Early Bird: $225

Member Regular: $225

Non Member Regular: $250

* This year's early bird deadline is September 7, 2018

Continuing Education Units

  • ISA | Certified Arborist: 5.5
  • ISA | TW Climber Specialist: 5.5
  • ISA | Utility Specialist: 5.5
  • ISA | BCMA - Practice: 2.75
  • ISA | Municipal Specialist: 5.5
  • ISA | BCMA - Management: 2.75

Restoration Pruning After the Storm

Speaker: Guy Meilleur, Historic Tree Care | North Carolina

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Session Description

This segment will illustrate restoration pruning of storm-damaged and topped trees. With 12 years of data and samples that show solid regrowth and well-developed branch protection zones, Guy will walk you through a new kind of triage and surgery for trees: efficiently inspecting tree conditions, and specifying and demonstrating conservative cuts that restore stable, low-maintenance crowns.

Managing Aging Trees

Speaker: Guy Meilleur, Historic Tree Care | North Carolina

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Session Description

Myths abound around the mysteries in aging, hollow trees. Internal decay is met with fear, loathing, and engineering formulas.  But hollowing helps trees by recycling waste, shedding weight, and gaining flexibility. Aging trees rejuvenate as new branches and roots arise, closer to the core. In this session, arborists will see how minimal interventions achieve maximal mitigation by imitating and facilitating the natural aging process.

Tree Risk Assessment for PNW Tree Disease

Speaker: Dr. Julian Dunster, Dunster and Associates Environmental Consultants Ltd. | Victoria, BC

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Session Description

A critical component of tree risk assessment is recognition of tree diseases. There are many diseases affecting trees but not all of them require the tree to be condemned. Recognising and understanding tree disease must incorporate the two key principles: 1) Know what to look for, and 2) Know what you are looking at. Dr. Dunster will examine how these are applied in practice, and how they affect the likelihood of failure component in tree risk assessment, using examples of local Pacific Northwest diseases. The session will be of interest to tree risk assessors as well as foresters or arborists seeking more knowledge about tree disease.